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Positive Agility Dog Training Classes - South Mountain Training Center

Positive Agility Training (P. A. T.) - Where A Great Foundation Starts !

Advanced Agility Class - Friday; 7:30PM - Drop in $25/week

Agility Foundation Class - Your dog will learn to be confident with movement under feet using wobble boards. Your dog will be introduced to tunnel, chute, tire, jumps, table, contact trainer and weave poles. Your dog will learn the beginning stages of sequencing. Cost - 6 weeks for $150.00.

Beginner Level 1 Class - This level concentrates on sequencing. Dogs will be introduced to the competition teeter, A frame & dog walk in a safe manner. In addition, dogs will learn rear end awareness exercises and sequencing 8-10 obstacles. Dogs will be taught jumping skills. Handlers will begin to learn the skills necessary to get their dogs around a course in the most efficient way. Dogs will learn start line exercises. Cost - 6 weeks for $150.00.

Beginner Level 2 Class - This level puts emphasis on the handling skills needed to get your dog to jump efficiently. Handlers will learn to recognize 180's, 270's, pinwheels and serpentines. Handlers will learn how to properly execute front crosses & rear crosses. Cost - 6 weeks for $150.00.

Skill Class - In this level handlers will learn what it takes to analyze courses. Focus will be on learning where and when to use particular handler moves and why. In addition dogs will learn the beginning stages of distance work, both forward & lateral. Cost - 6 weeks for $150.00.

Trainer - Pat Wotring

Join my classes and maximize your dogs agility potential.

  • Contact Information: Pat - 610-799-4776
  • E-mail:
  • Know Your Instructor

    Pat has been teaching obedience for 14 years. Pat teaches puppies, beginners & advanced. She has been involved in the sport of agility for 12 years. Pat thoroughly enjoys working with people & their dogs. She enjoys seeing them come together as a team. Pat is currently training her wild and crazy German Shepherd, Zena. The challenge has been very rewarding.

    My Philosophy

    It is my belief that the sport of agility should be a positive experience for dog and handler. Training should be a form of play which encourages a happy attitude for agility. In my classes the goal is to have dog and handler come together as a team.

    • Do you want to build a strong working relationship with your dog?
    • Do you want to want to learn how to build a positive attitude with your dog?
    • Do you want to learn ways to build your dogs confidence?
    • Do you want to learn ways to get your dog to focus his attention on you?
    • Do you want to learn how to keep your dog in tip-top physical and mental shape?

    Please Call Pat Wotring for Class Schedule - Phone - 610-799-4776

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