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Rally Obedience Signs Can Be Valuable In Any Dog Training Class

The wonderful thing about rally obedience is the the ability to talk to your dog while perfecting their performance in obedience. The feedback trains the dog to want to be correct. When working your dog in rally your voice is the feedback the dog needs to know if he has completed the station correctly. Keeping your voice upbeat and positive will help you dog perform much better.

There are 3 levels of rally obedience offered.

  • Novice: For dogs that are just beginning the rally obedience. This class helps handlers and dogs understand the meaning of each sign and provides the help needed to execute each sign correctly. This class is done with dogs on leash.
  • Advanced: For dogs that have completed beginner and are ready to do some off leash obedience with the dog. To compete in advanced and excellent levels dogs must the off leash and able to perform the signs correctly. Handlers should be comfortable with executing the signs.
  • Excellent: This level has the most difficult rally signs. It requires good teamwork between the handler and the dog. Many of my students are competing and doing an amazing job. I am so proud of all of them.

There are several venues of rally obedience; allowing for a visual variety of the same exercise. Check with local competitors and/or clubs to find out what venues of rally obedience are popular in your area. Using several of the locally popular venues gives you and your students variety in class and exposure to dog sports. Below are to signs from five different organizations that offer rally obedience competition:

  • American Kennel Club
  • United Kennel Club
  • Canine Work and Games
  • World Cynosport Rally
  • Australian Shepherd Club of America

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